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Minnis Consulting partners with diverse business owners and corporations seeking to launch effective supplier diversity programs. With almost 20 years of experience in supplier diversity and development, we have unique capabilities and experience to assist you with developing diversity programs or facilitating collaborations between diverse firms and large organizations. Our passion for diversity allows us to work diligently to find mutually beneficial solutions for all.

Corporate Services
Minnis offers customized plans designed to maximize diversity spend, whether that is by creating a new initiative or enhancing an existing program.
Business Development
We provide strategies that can increase operational efficiency and improve your processes as you grow and scale upward.
Community Engagement
We help develop and implement your community-based engagement initiatives, both internally and with the public.
Compliance & Risk Mitigation
We review, monitor, & track diverse utilization throughout all phases of development & construction projects.

Minnis Consulting can help you leverage supplier diversity for your organization. Request a consultation with us today.